Angels wept in silence as they watched from on High,
as Jesus who left His throne in Glory prepared to die.
The earth quaked with fear as its Creator was nailed upon a cross of shame,
and the sun refused to shine its light upon those who jeered and mocked His holy name.
As sinless blood dripped to the ground that had once coursed through His veins,
the bitter taste of humanity’s sin filled His soul with anguish and pain.
A crown of thorns rested upon his royal brow as He hung suspended between heaven and earth,
the crowd taunting His claims of Kingly worth.
Having willingly fulfilled on our behalf heaven’s perfect and righteous demands,
He bowed His head and committed His spirit into the Father’s hands.
Was it right that One who had incarnated Love should die in such disgrace?
Yet the cross was in God’s divine plan to provide salvation for the human race.
Taken down from the splintered tree His body was laid in a garden tomb,
the beautiful budding flowers nearby hid by the dark clouds of sadness and gloom.
But the fog of despair quickly vanished before the rising Son of the first Easter morn –
His resurrection signaling a new Day had been born.PraiseHimSea.lg_
The birds burst forth in praise and angelic song,
Chirping in unison, “He is not here, He is gone.
Rising in power He ever lives bestowing forgiveness upon those who His pardon seek,
And in grace imparts strength to the weary and weak.
By His eternal Spirit with the lonely He does abide,
Promising to forever be our Friend and constant Guide.
When the hard winds of trials seek to knock us down and do us in,
Our risen Savior is there to pick us back up and set us upon our feet again.
An when at journeys’ end death grips us with its cold sullen hand,
He who robbed the Destroyer of his sting will usher us unto an eternal Land.
Then with angels who once wept in silence we will join in triumphant song…
“Hallelujah to the resurrected Savior and unto Him all praise belongs!”

Daniel Merritt

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