Upon reading the sixth chapter of John, one finds two of the best known miracles of Jesus in the Four Gospels; the feeding of the five thousand and Christ walking on the water. What miracles they are.WalkingonWater

In the feeding of the five thousand we find a group of people who clearly resemble many in our day. After they saw this super-natural miracle of Jesus feeding the large crowd with the multiplication of a lad’s small lunch, they wanted to take Jesus, the Master Provider, and make Him King. Jesus, however, would have none of that, and managed to escape from their midst, departing into a mountain to refresh His soul in prayer.

To those who desired to make Him King only because they saw a great miracle that resulted in them filling their empty stomach, Jesus spoke these words, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, ye seek me not because ye saw the miracles, but because you did eat of the loaves and were filled” (John 6:26). They were not interested in following Him because of who He was, but only because they had their bellies filled and satisfied.

In the second miracle, when the disciples saw Jesus walking on the stormy waters (John 6:16-21), it at first caused great fear to well-up in their hearts. But in the midst of the fierce storm they heard from the lips of Jesus these reassuring words,  “It is I, be not afraid” (John 6:20). It seemed those calming words from the Master of the Sea were sufficient to chase away the fears of the anxious disciples, and “they willingly received Him into the ship” (John 6:21).

Sadly, it seems that many today only make a commitment to Christ based upon what personal benefits may be obtained or gained from that commitment. It is easy to see the miracle but never see Him. The greater miracle is when we see Him in the storms of life. The greater miracle is seeing Him walking toward us when fear wants to grip and overtake our hearts. The greater miracle is seeing Him when the high waves of life seek to hide His face from us. The greater miracle is to hear His reassuring voice above the noise of the waves beating against our ships. The greater miracle is seeing amidst life’s disappointments His appointment to draw closer to Him.

It is as He walks with us on the troubled seas of life that we truly come to know Him and realize that the greatest miracle of all is knowing Him, walking in intimate communion with Him, and hearing His reassuring voice above the sound of the crashing waves. It is as we make Christ King of our hearts that we realize the providing of all other needs that occur in our lives are met as our personal relationship with Him grows, matures, and develops.

Recognizing His voice in the turbulent waters of life is enough to calm our greatest fears. Do you hear Him above the noise and distractions of the world? Do you see Him though the waves beat fiercely against you? If in those times you see Him, communion with Him, and hear His voice — then what a miracle indeed; yes, the greater miracle!


Dr. Dan