I long for a return to the America of days gone by, but that America no longer exists. Matter of fact, the America I remember seems like a dream that has vanished in the light of a stormy dawn. The America of today would find the America of my adolescent days to be a stranger. While they have some similarities, they don’t mirror one another. If you were acquainted with the America of my youth, you understand. If the America I once knew passed on the street the America of today, they would give each other a cordial nod and continue on their way. After all, their ideologies take them down different paths.

The America  I once knew was where God was interwoven into the very fabric of the nation, while now belief in an Intelligent Designer is seen as a thread that must be removed from a “progressive” society.

It was an America where right and wrong was measured by a Divine moral standard, while now that which was once called good is now called evil, and evil is called good.

It was an America where the Bible was respected as a Book filled with principles that if adhered to would bless an individual’s life and bless a nation. Now it is seen as Book that is antiquated and hinders man from reaching his full potential.

It was an America where there was a universal belief in the sanctity of life, and a baby wasn’t terminated in the womb.  But today’s America applauds the right to take a life and recoils at the thought of not having the right to terminate a life created by the Creator.

It was an America where no one ever heard of or cared about “political correctness” but only cared about doing right.

It was an America where anyone who was offended at everything and everybody, was told to suck-it-up and get over it and move on with your life.

It was an America where it was understood that marriage was a sacred vow before God between a man and a woman, and two people of the same sex cohabitating was not a marriage.

It was an America where it was understood without confusion there were two genders, male and female; and a person could look in a mirror and figure out which they are.

It was an America where in sports boys competed with boys and girls competed with girls, and no one was confused as to who they were to compete with.

It was a day when everyone knew what restroom they were to use, while now there is bewilderment as a mule looking at a new gate as to where one should do their “business.”

It was an America where kids could attend school without fear of encountering violence, while now metal detectors greet kids each morning and law officers patrol the hallways.

It was an America where there were no participation trophies given, if you were awarded a trophy you earned it.

It was an America where political parties worked together to solve problems, not cut the others throat striving for power.

It was an America where the flag was respected and patriotism was exhibited, while now the flag is disrespected and patriotism is frowned upon.

It was an America where history was taught and pride was instilled in our nation’s heritage, now it has been either rewritten or erased.

It was an America where integrity and honesty flourished, while now it is rare as hen’s teeth.

It was an America where it was taught the ladder to success was through perseverance, while now success is seen as an entitlement without the perseverance.

It was an America where those who worked hard and burned the midnight oil were rewarded, while now those who don’t work are rewarded.

It was an America where Marxism/socialism was condemned and capitalism championed, now capitalism is condemned, and Marxism/socialism is championed.

It was an America where those who broke the law were punished, while now lawbreakers have more rights than the victims.

It was an America where a man’s word and a handshake was his bond, while now a man’s words and handshake are as worthless as  money from Venezuela.

It was an America that once stood head and shoulders above other nations of the world and to no other nation did Old Glory dip, but now She seeks to blend in with other nations as She embraces globalism.

It was an America where law officers were respected, while now they are treated with disdain.

It was an America where the Judeo-Christian ethic pervaded the national conscience, but now each man is doing that which is right in his own eyes.

It was an America where the Church was seen as the best friend of an orderly society, while now the Church is seen as a scourge on a “progressive” society.

The America I once knew has vanished like the flame of a candle in a windstorm. Glad my hope is in Jesus, for His Kingdom endures forever. The America I once knew has not endured. That America no longer exists.

It is sad. Sad indeed.


Dr. Dan

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