As we honor and remember our military on Veteran’s Day I would like to share a poem I wrote a couple of years ago about Old Glory, the American flag, and the cost paid to keep Her flying.AmFlag


For over two centuries Old Glory has proudly flown in regal splendor,
Age not diminishing Her beauty nor Her majesty hinder.

Whether rippling amidst clouds or sunlit sky Her voice of liberty ever echoes in the wind,
As She unashamedly displays Her colors for which brave men and women have fought to defend.

The shifting sands of time has not tarnished Her stars and stripes of white,
That gleam with unsoiled purity even amid Her toughest fight and darkest night.

Her stars sparkle brightly upon a background of royal blue –
States united in Brotherhood protecting values that are God given, eternally right and true.

Stripes of red tell of freedoms that with great price have been bought,
By the sweat and blood of those who for Her have so valiantly fought.

Bearing thirteen stripes honoring those original courageous colonies,
Time has proven every foe intent on Her demise engages in futile folly.

While through the years Her dignity has been challenged by abuse, scorn and even desecration,
With unruffled confidence She boldly flies on with fearless determination.

Yet She silently weeps for her detractors who seemingly don’t understand,
The enormous sacrifices that have been made for Her to remain unfurled throughout our land.

But as long as there are those who heroically defend Her and of Her cost respectfully remember,
Old Glory will continue to proudly fly in all Her regal splendor.


Dr. Dan

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