In a day of depressing headlines and the uncertainty that has fallen across our land like a huge dark shadow, a voice proclaiming good news would be a welcome sound. Every time our nation faces a moral or spiritual crisis a question arises from the depths of the collective predicament society finds itself, “Is the Gospel relevant in the face of such mounting woes?”

The answer is, “YES!”

The Gospel is not to be a sterile theological term to be argued and debated behind the four walls of the church, but is a message to be boldly proclaimed of its sufficiency to confront the issues of society. The word “gospel” means “good news.” The word “gospel” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word godspel, which means “good story” or “good news.” The Greek words often translated as “gospel” are euangelion and euangelizo. meaning “to bring or announce good news.” The Christian Gospel is not a message contrived by man but initiated by God. The Gospel is about a Person. The power of the Gospel is found in the One who is the subject of the Gospel, Jesus Christ.

The Gospel is relevant because it is true. The Gospel of Christ transcends political forces, and has survived the rise and fall of kingdoms and nations. The Gospel can not be divorced from social concerns. The Gospel is a verb, it is an action word. The Gospel is able to penetrate the worst of humanity to turn ashes into beauty. Where there is found injustice, the Gospel calls for accountability and responsibility. Where there is hatred, the Gospel beckons us to love one another. Where there is confusion and chaos, the Gospel calls us to walk in peace. Where personal revenge is sought, the Gospel extends forgiveness. Where there is darkness, the Gospel’s Light illuminates. Where there is fingering pointing, the Gospel points us to the One who with His finger of grace writes in the sand, “I do not condemn thee, go and sin no more” (John 8:11). Where there is doubt, the Gospel brings faith. Where there is destruction, the Gospel brings re-creation. Where there is loneliness, the Gospel surrounds us with God’s presence. Where there is uncertainty, the Gospel brings assurance. Where there is weakness, the Gospel infuses strength. Where there is hopelessness, the Gospel instills hope. Where there is death, the Gospel breathes forth eternal life.

Yes, the Gospel seeks to invade the societal concerns that confront us. The Gospel is sufficient and powerful enough to take our tragedies and turn them into treasures, to turn our pain into a purposeful path, and take that which sin has deformed and bring about transformation. The Gospel of Christ invites us to come and drink from the fountain of living waters, in order that His healing streams may quench the thirst of our souls and turn our parched land into flowing springs.

If you have not,  will you not today embrace the Gospel, the Good News found in Jesus Christ. In the midst of societal questions and confusion, we need a renewed encounter with the Gospel of Christ….for He is the answer.

Dr. Dan

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