There are many aspects to being human. Being human means we possess a physical body that allows us to move about, to hear, see, touch, taste, and experience our surroundings. Being human means we possess a mind that enables us to think, be creative and reason. Being human means we possess emotions; we feel love, hate, sorrow, joy, etc. Being human means we possess volition/will; we have the capacity to say yes, to say no, and to make choices. While those aspects of being human no one would disagree, there is another aspect of being human which by and large is ignored in our culture today…there is a spiritual aspect of being human. The spiritual aspect is the most important part of being human, because it connects us to the One who created us. We were created with the capacity to fellowship with our Creator. When we neglect the spiritual aspect of our humanity we neglect that part us that makes us distinctly human and where one finds true significance, security and identity.

When we neglect and deny there is a spiritual aspect to us we are like a glove without a hand, we are not complete. When we deny our very connection to the One who created us, and we ignore and deny there is a spiritual aspect and reality to being human, we become less than what God intended for us to be. It is when we deny that we have a spiritual identity with our Creator that we construct new ways and identities to substitute for our disconnectedness to God. The morally unconventional movements we see unfolding in our society today are schemes of the Devil to further dismiss our created identity and obliterate the image of God that is stamped on our personhood. This battle is most clearly seen today in the rising tide of the transgender movement.

At the root of the transgender movement is a spiritual attack by the Devil that seeks to separate a person from their created identity and their created connectedness to the One who created them. It is a diabolical movement which seeks to convince that one can redefine who they were created to be. Unfortunately, most transgender people are unaware of the spiritual deceptive and destructive forces that push them onto such an unhealthy and harmful path. Well-organized groups whose sole agenda is to promote sexual immorality, the liberal news media, various politicians and political groups, apostate denominations, continue to exert pressure on society to accept such behavior as normal and belong in the mainstream of accepted cultural behavior. Sadly, in these last days we will continue to see this movement grow and escalate as satanic forces and radical activists seek to eliminate the concept of gender altogether. Such a downward moral spiral is evidence of a society that has forsaken and forgotten God (Romans 1).

May I say as lovingly as I know how, the notion that one is something other than what they are biologically is a lie perpetrated by the Devil in order to further distort and destroy ones connectedness to their Creator and that spiritual aspect of their personhood. The transgender movement in reality is a direct assault on the personhood of God in that it declares you can disconnect from the identity of who you really are and who God created you to be with no negative consequences. When a child is born they are either xx or xy, which is determined genetically and physiologically. When a child is born they are immediately identified anatomically as either a boy or a girl. However, transgenderism says you can cut yourself off from the reality of who you were created by God to be and you can be otherwise than God intended. To do so is to disconnect oneself from the identity they were given by God, denies ones created existence, and insists one can be someone other than God designed one to be.

One in the transgender world has denied their identity as a person and has created a world other than what God intended for them. Transgenderism allows one to create an existence that divorces themselves from the reality of who they really are. It creates a delusional world that isolates one from discovering one’s true spiritual and physical identity that was gifted to them at birth. It is personal abandonment of one’s God given identity and divine createdness. Transgenderism in reality rejects in its lifestyle the notion that God alone can define who I am and says I will determine my own gender and identity. The damage by accepting such a deceptive lie is far reaching. It invites extreme isolation, loneliness, rejection and depression as one seeks to confusingly live apart from their created existence and purpose.

Suicide among transgenders is nineteen (19) times more likely to occur than that found in the general population. Statics released in September 2018 by the American Academy of Pediatrics revealed, “Fifty-one percent of transgender male adolescents reported at least one suicide attempt — the highest rate in the study. The second highest was among young people who are non-binary — those who do not identify exclusively as male or female — at 42 percent, while 30 percent of transgender female adolescents reported attempting suicide. The study, ‘Transgender Adolescent Suicide Behavior,’ analyzed data drawn from a ‘Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors’ survey, which collected information from 120,617 young people, ages 11 to 19, across three years beginning in 2012.” (The Washington Post, Isaac Stanley-Becker, “More Than Half of Transgender Male Adolescents Attempt Suicide, Study Shows,” September 14, 2018).

These are most alarming statics, but reveal the deceptive, dark, and destructive path Satan takes one down as he convinces one they can create an identity other what they were created by God to be. To do so only creates confusion and chaos in one’s life and results in serious and significant problems to which a godless, secular society has no answers. There is only one answer, and that answer is found in the transforming power of Jesus Christ. And as Christians what is to be our response to one caught in the confusion of the transgender world?

First, we must not get caught up the cultural push to accept such behavior as normal. While the pressure to accept transgenderism as mainstream persists, we must lovingly, but firmly, point out that transgenderism is a deceptive perversion of God’s intended purpose for each individual. We must continue to lovingly share that God made each individual exactly the way He intended, and true purpose in life is found, not in denying our identity, but embracing our identity and developing a relationship with God through Jesus Christ who desires we walk in the purpose for which He created us.

Second, Instead of passing judgement on individuals caught in the transgender world we must in love pray for them. They are caught in a destructive world that the average person can’t identify with or understand, yet the redemptive power of Christ can restore one to their created purpose and a re-embracing of their created identity. We must, again, lovingly and firmly point them to Christ. We must strive to affirm them in who they were created to be in Jesus Christ. It is admitted there is a fine line the Christian must walk between confronting one caught in destructive lifestyles and extending compassion for those caught in transgender confusion, but it is a line we must ask God to empower us to walk in truth and loving grace.

Let us always remember, no one is ever outside the reach of God’s amazing, transforming and redemptive grace. It is to this end we must pray for those caught in behavior that destroys one’s identity of who they we created to be and the relationship He desires to have with each of us.

Dr. Dan

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