A person of biblical faith can be an enigma to someone who has no faith or to someone who possesses a shallow faith that changes directions like a weathervane in a wind storm. In recent days people of faith who hold unwavering convictions contrary to the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage have been labeled as being intolerant, bigoted, unloving, and fanatical. Those are just some of the nice names!! Such names are hurObeyled at people of biblical faith because of a lack of understanding what causes a person of faith to hold unwavering convictions.

Let me see if I can explain.

For forty-five years my soul and conscience have been captive to the Christ of the Cross and to His Word. He shined His Light into my darkened and sinful heart and revealed unto me His holy-love that was manifested in Christ’s life, death and resurrection. I daily give thanks that my life is firmly anchored upon the Rock of Jesus Christ and His eternal Word, instead of the shifting sands of man’s fickleness and changing morality. Truth is not found in the dry wells of man’s finite wisdom, but is found in an ongoing relationship with He who is the Water of Life and daily drawing from the Well of His Word.

People who believe truth is relative and ever changing don’t understand people of faith and the unwavering convictions people of faith hold. They don’t understand that there is a Higher Power that guides and undergirds our lives and to whom we not only vow our loyalty but owe our allegiance. They don’t understand that all humanity must give an account of their lives someday to a holy Supreme Being not to the Supreme Court. And when the Word of God opposes abnormal behavior then I must not be swept away by the often misguided and deluded reasoning of man that affirms such behavior as being normal, but I must remain true and obedient to His Word.

The world seeks moral direction from a broken compass that has no fixed North. For people of faith our true magnetic North is the Christ of the Cross. My allegiance first and foremost is to Jesus Christ who paid my sin debt (and all humanity) on the cross, and if someone doesn’t understand that then I cannot and will not apologize for choosing my Savior over the unjust moral laws of man that are contrary to my convictions which have been shaped by the Living Word and the Written Word. The world may mock and scoff, so be it. Our allegiance is to the Christ of the Cross not to man or to moral laws that clearly contradict His Word. We are told our allegiance “offends” an ever changing culture. However, our first priority is not whether or not we offend a changing culture, but to be obedient to  our Lord and Savior. While one of faith may stumble in their obedience, they ever pray for an obedient heart for the Savior they embrace and love.

I realize many do not understand such unwavering loyalty. I realize many do not understand our faith and convictions that are anchored in an eternal relationship with One who is beyond ourselves. I realize many do not understand that the holy-love of God, which opposes sin, but has provided atoning grace in the Christ of the cross, who came not to affirm us in our sin, but to forgive and deliver us from our sins. Christ not only told the woman caught in adultery, “Neither do I condemn thee,” but He added, “Go, and sin no more” (John 8:11). Grace that does not change us is not grace at all but license to sin. Love that doesn’t point people to a path of deliverance from their sin is not real love, but only sentimentality that continues to ensnare people in their sin.

My unwavering biblical position may seem too strong for some. If you want to hurl at me names that label me as narrow-minded and intolerant I will not be offended. I understand why you don’t understand.


Dr. Dan


  1. Dan, Thank- you so much for this message. I have just had a cousin of mine to “unfriend” me because of my feelings concerning the Supreme Court decision. She told me that she was not going to argue Bible with me. She firmly supports gay marriage. Your comment concerning the woman at the well when the Lord told her “Go and sin no more.” has been one of the scriptures that has been on my mind as I’ve prayed about her decisions. I know that you wrote this message just for me. Thanks again.

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