Have you heard the news lately? None of it is good. ISIS continues its demonic march of evil in the Middle East with its goal to eventually overtake the USA, all the while they laugh at this nation’s feeble efforts to stop them. It is not a matter if there will be another terrorist attack on US soil, it is a matter of when. It matters not that the teachings of Islam underlines the destructive ideology of ISIS, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, etc that want to destroy Israel and the USA, our current leaders tout Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance.  HopeLord

The mysterious D68 respiratory virus attacking children is making its way into one state after the other. Ebola is now on US soil striking fear in people that it will spread. The government refuses to close our borders, allowing all kinds of terrorists and diseases from entering this country. As well, the government refuses to ban flights from landing in the USA that come from areas where Ebola is prominent. Whoever said common sense is common.

God, Christ, the Bible and Christianity continue to be attacked and stripped from society. Like a run-away train man continues to rebel against God’s holiness and moral order. Federal judges continue to mock the definition of traditional marriage as they strike down as unconstitutional states that have democratically voted to ban same-sex marriage. Thanks to liberal judges and courts our country continues to sink deeper and deeper into a cesspool of moral perversion from which there is no return.

Our politicians are more crooked than a barrel of fishhooks and have only one goal – to be reelected. The legalization of marijuana continues its march. Our leaders continue on a track of financial irresponsibility that is leading to a train wreck as they spend a trillion dollars more each year than they take in. Instead of reeling in spending they want to continue to pickpocket more and more of our cash for their reckless spending. Their foggy decisions make me wonder if they aren’t the one’s smoking the stuff!

I need not go on, I think the picture is clear and it is not a pretty one. We are living in times that events and circumstances are causing all of life and creation to cry out like a mother experiencing birth pangs. All the bad news is enough to send one into a state of despair. How does one cope with all the bad news that only seems to get worse?

Amid all the bad news, regardless of whether on a world, national or personal front, I am so grateful that I am a Christian for I possess a glorious hope in Jesus Christ. The Bible reminds me that no matter how bad things get, and it even teaches that in the last days times will grow worse and worse, that I am not to despair for our righteous God is still in control. In spite of man’s rebellious sin it will not prevent God’s intended purpose and goal for creation and individuals – redemption. In the cross we see both the judgment upon sin and the redemptive grace of God in the face of sin. And to those who trust in the Christ of the cross that redemptive process has begun, is ongoing and will one day culminate, as P.T. Forsyth puts it, “in the total establishment of divine holiness within the human race.”

The world sees no rhyme or reason or ultimate goal of creation, it just continues on as before. The cross is proof God is involved in the events and affairs of this world. And though He permits this world, as the result of Him granting man freewill, to proceed on what appears to be an autonomous course, the message of the cross is that the overruling providence of God will direct and defeat man’s evil and His ultimate goal for creation and humanity will not be thwarted by man’s rebellion against His holiness.

The Christian has the hope of “looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13). Unbelievers may scoff, but the Christian hope is that the God of all creation reigns and He will one day set up a kingdom that shall stand forever (Daniel 2:44). As we move toward the culmination of God’s glorious goal He gives us His presence, peace, strength, courage, hope, and grace for the journey. I possess in my heart an eternal hope that this life is not all there is, there is hope beyond this life for the Christian and hope for a creation that has been marred by the willful sinfulness of man.

The Cross of Christ is both God’s answer to the problem of human sinfulness and human doubt to God’s goodness. The cross is our assurance that evil will not win at last. At the cross sin was at its worst as it crucified the holy Son of God. While at the cross God’s holy wrath against sin was displayed in all sin’s ugliness, His grace was demonstrated in providing redemption for those who embrace His Son.

Christian friend, don’t despair over the signs of the times. Keep looking up, keep your eye on the sky. The sin of man cannot stop God from achieving His goal of redemption and restoration. The train of God’s Kingdom speeds on to its final destination. Will you climb aboard or will it pass you by?

Embrace Him today and receive and rest in a hope that is a firm anchor and foundation in the midst of the sinking sand around us; a hope that sustains even amidst the flood of bad news.


Dr. Dan

One thought on “OUR HOPE AMID BAD NEWS

  1. Amen Dr. Dan – another well written article and an article Christians need to read. I find myself in the depths of despair and full of anger at the same time because of the total depravity that is sweeping our country, but I must be reminded of the cross and all it entails. We must never forget who we are in Christ!

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