Satan today is waging an all-out assault on God’s designed identity for each individual. In the Evil One’s onslaught upon God’s order and design, the enemy of all that is right and good hopes to destroy God’s authority and distort one’s divinely created identity. The distinction between manhood and womanhood is not just being blurred but is being obliterated. Males and females are told their biological identity is incidental, and one is encouraged to change one’s gender if one is so inclined.    Gender has become fluid, as one is encouraged to become other than what one was biologically created to be.  We are told using personal pronouns distinguishing between male and female is insensitive, biased and discriminatory.  As well, if one is born with skin color that is considered privileged one is told they need to loathe the color of their skin and apologize for the way one was created by God.

What we are witnessing today is a deliberate attack by Satan upon God’s authority and His creative acts. God created and designed each person a specific gender of either male or male, with a particular skin color, born in a certain location, each given certain gifts and talents, to fulfill a purpose that no one else can fulfill. We were created to add to the beautiful mosaic of life, and when we seek to be something other than what we were created to be we are calling into question the infinite wisdom of God in his creation and are basically saying, “You made a mistake in creating me the way you did and where I was born. I know more than you do so I will change your design of me to be other than who you created me to be.”  The Satanic attack we see on one’s identity is actually a rebellious assault upon God’s sovereignty, His authority, and His creative wisdom.

Secularism teaches that there is no Intelligent Designer, no Divine Creator, and our body and who we are, and where we were born was not in the designed plan of a sovereign God, but was simply the luck of the cards we were dealt. However, the Bible teaches just the opposite. We were marvelously created by God (Ps. 139:14) , our biological gender designed by God (Gen. 1:27), that He has a plan for each of our lives (Jer. 1:5), and that our bodies are to be temples of the Holy Spirit (I Cor. 6:19).  We were not born into this world as a blank eraser board left to sketch-out our own gender or racial identity, but we were designed by a Sovereign Creator to give expression to the creative purposes for which He has gifted each of us. Each of us have been created in the Image of God and made to have fellowship with our Creator, and as we seek His divine wisdom there will be unfolded to us the plan, purpose, and path He has created for each of us. Ture fulfillment in life is not found in separating from our Creator, but surrendering to Him in order that the full expression of His creative design in us and for us can be realized.

Satan today, by sowing seeds of doubt regarding one’s created identity, is seeking to usurp the created order and authority of God and destroy the stable structures that make for an orderly society. Sadly, when one deviates from their biological identity and the gender roles as taught in the Bible, the outcome will be pain, frustration and brokenness and the missing of God’s plan for one’s life. In the destructive moral climate of today how should the Christian respond to Satan’s attack to destroy the divinely created order as found in the Judeo-Christian teaching  regarding our creative identity?

First, we should recognize that God has purposefully created and designed each individual. Psalms 139:14 reads, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” Our biological gender, the color of our skin, where we were born, was not an accident or luck of the draw, but God purposefully designed our existence. We are who we are by Divine purpose. Created in God’s Image, humankind is the crown of His creation. In eternity past He knew us, He knew us in our mother’s womb  and created us with a purpose to fulfill. That purpose can only be fully realized as we in a relationship with our Creator, seek His face to discover the unfolding of His plan, purpose and path for our lives. To walk in the path of our created identity and in the purpose which we were created brings fulfillment in life. To disregard God’s creative design brings turmoil and disorder.

Second, we should understand the attempt to alter one’s created identity and dissolve the natural order of God in regard to one’s race and biological gender, is a ploy of the Devil to destroy all adherence to biblical authority and is direct rebellion against the God who created each individual.  When one abandons their created identity in search of another, chaos and confusion will result in one’s individual life and in society as a whole.  Disregarding the God who created us goes hand in hand with personal confusion and disorder. The Devil is working overtime today to dissolve and destroy God’s creative design.

Third, parents and the church must teach our children that they were created by God who makes no mistakes, to be the gender they are, the color of their skin, and that He has a purpose for their lives. Whether a boy or girl, regardless of the color of their skin, no  where they live, God has a purpose for their lives and they are designed by the Creator to have fellowship with Him and bring honor and glory to Him. If we don’t teach our children these fundamental truths, the world will seek to indoctrinate them otherwise, creating in them confusion. The Devil desires to destroy and capture the hearts of children with unbiblical teaching, so it is of utmost importance Christian parents and the church do not neglect their responsibility to teach them who they are and their gender are gifts from the God who created them.

Fourth, the Church must reach out in loving compassion to those caught up in the deceptive web  of Satan who seeks to distort and destroy one’s creative identity. Sin manifests itself in a variety of ways, and the result, no matter the sinful path taken, is brokenness. The Church must proclaim the hope that is found in Christ, who can change one’s heart, restore one to a relationship with Himself, and who leads individuals to embrace their God-given identity.

It is clear that today God’s creative order and one’s creative identity is under attack. As Christians we must boldly yet compassionately stand against this demonic assault on the values of the Word of God and His authority. We must maintain a high view of the sanctity of life and, as well, that God in His sovereign purposes and creative acts makes no mistakes as to our gender, the color of our skin, or where we were born. Satan seeks to sow seeds of confusion and chaos, but the Church must shine the Gospel light into the darkness  helping  others to fully realize God makes no mistakes and we are who we are by the Divine design of a loving God who Himself walked among us in Jesus Christ.  Let us be true to our creative identity, for in so doing we are being true to ourselves, to  humanity, and to the God who created us.


Dr. Dan

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