I wish there was some way I could sufficiently describe the wonder of who Jesus is, but there aren’t words yet created that will allow me to express His wonderous character. Ever since our God took upon Himself flesh and walked among us, men have tried to express the magnificence who Christ is. But like the many facets of a sparkling diamond, one can never describe the gleaming brilliance of His personhood. While my effort to communicate the wonder of who Jesus is in all His splendor will prove to be woefully inadequate, yet for a few brief moments an attempt will be made to express what Jesus means to me.

Jesus is my Sin-bearer, who bore all my sins. He is Arm of the Lord who rescued me when I was lost and undone. He is the High Priest who not only offered the Sacrifice for my offenses, He was the Sacrifice. He is the Atoning One who forever paid the debt I could never pay. He is my Friend who sticks with me through thick and thin. He is the Advocate who pleads my cases before God’s throne. He is the Door who invited me to walk through the door of salvation. He is the Light when darkness invades my life. He is the Way when my feet want to wander astray. He is the Carpenter of Galilee who is constantly constructing in my life to make me what I could never be in my own power. He is the Great Physician and Healer who has brought spiritual healing to my soul and has more than once restored me physically. He is Honey out of the Rock who nourishes me with the sweet taste of His presence. He is the Strong Root who gives stability in the adverse winds of life. He is the Bright and Morning Star in my darkest night. He is the Vine from whom I draw life and who without Him I can do nothing.

He is the Rock made without hands who in the uncertainty of life I can with certainty stand upon. He is the Water of Life who quenches the thirsting of my soul. He is the Bread of Life who satisfies the hunger of my heart. He is the Everlasting Father who never leaves me or forsakes me. He is my Beloved who loved me when I was and when I am unlovable. He is the Word who speaks to me through the Scriptures. He is the Good Shepherd who searches for me when my soul roams from the fold. He is the Rose of Sharon whose beauty never fades. He is the Lilly of the Valley whose fragrance fills my life. He is the Kinsman Redeemer who redeemed me when I could not redeem myself. He is the Prince of Peace who gives peace in the midst of life’s restlessness. He is the Divine Counselor whose advice never fails. He is the Righteous One who gave me His Perfect Righteousness for my righteousness of filthy rags. He is the Accepted One in whom I find acceptance before a holy God. He is Emmanuel who is God with me. He is the Horn of Salvation who I hold on to on stormy seas. He is the Sun of Righteousness who shines through the clouds that seek to hide His face. He is the Hope of Glory when hope seems far away. He is the Ransom who paid the price when I was held captive my sin. He is the Lamb of God who after offering One Sacrifice for my sins forever, His work finished, sat down at the right hand of the Father.

He is the Keeper of the Covenant who when I failed, He was victorious. He is the Victorious One, who in my weakness gives me His victory. He is the Elder Brother who never lets me face a fight alone. He is my Life who grants me both spiritual and physical life. He is my Intercessor who carries my petitions to the throne of grace. He is Wisdom who I look to when confused which way to go. He is the Man of Sorrows who weeps with me in my suffering and pain, but he is my Comforter who seeks to lift me out of my suffering and pain. He is the All-Sufficient One who supplies my every need. He is the Mediator who took the hand of God and my hand to bring us together. He is the Chief Cornerstone who holds my life together. He is the Faithful One who remains faithful even when I fail Him. He is the King of kings who sits on the throne of my heart. He is the Lord of lords who replaces all other lords. He is the Ancient of Day who is from everlasting to everlasting. He is the Sweet-Smelling Savor who adds sweet aroma to my life. He is the Amen who none come before and none will come after. He is the Great I Am, He is whatever is my greatest need. He is the Resurrection and the Life who has promised me that by faith in Him I will never die, I will only be transported to a Land that is Fairer than Day.

O, I wish there was someway I could adequatley describe the magnificence and majesty of Jesus to you and the wonder of who He is. But words fail me. Hopefully someday I will be able to express in words worthy of who Jesus is the wonder of my Savior.

Dr. Dan

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