We have finally gotten a significant snowfall. I always watch in awe as the beautiful snowy blanket covers the barren landscape and decorFallSnowDayates the trees. I am mesmerized as the snowflakes dance in the sky. It has an almost hypnotizing effect as you watch it gracefully fall from heaven. It is beautiful. Then the next morning when the sun is glistening off the snowy covering, there is nothing more gloriously scenic and breathtaking. The word “snow” is used 25 times in the Bible. Job speaks to us about entering into the treasures of the snow (Job 38:22). What are some treasured truths we can learn from snow?

First, snow is unique. Scientists tell us that no two snowflakes are alike? Can you imagine, of all the snowflakes that have ever fallen no two are alike; each one is unique. In the same respect, no two people are alike. God is a God of infinite variety. The Lord has created each one of us unique and special with different abilities and capabilities. We each are created for a unique purpose that only we can fulfill. Let us each thank Him for our uniqueness and be about the business of fulfilling the purpose for which He created us.

Second, snow is beautiful. No matter how desolate or barren a landscape may be, a covering of snow turns it into a beautiful sight fit for a picturesque postcard. Isaiah tells us that no matter how black our sin, failures, and mistakes may be the Lord can make us whiter than snow (Is. 1:18). He can take our spiritually barren lives and by His grace transform our lives into a picture of beauty that becomes a blessing to others.

Third, snow makes sounds. Scientists, using sensitive instruments, tell us at various temperatures snow makes sounds. Around zero snow it creeks, at minus ten it squeaks, at fifteen below zero it whines like an out of tune violin, and colder than that it’s like a knife over a plate. If man-made instruments can pick up sounds of snow, why do we doubt that the Lord cannot hear our every cry and sigh? The Psalmist said over and over, “I cried unto the Lord and He heard me.” Lift your voice to Him, He is there and He is listening.

Fourth, snow is short lived. Eventually temperatures creep back up and the snow soon vanishes before our eyes. It is beautiful while here but it quickly disappears. So it is with life. Life at its longest is short. James says we are like a vapor that appears for a little while then quickly vanishes away (James 4:14). Life is fragile and fleeting so let us seek to be a beautiful snow of covering in the lives of others and live so as to influence others for the Lord while we can.

Fifth, snow is free. It falls freely from the sky and covers whatever is in its path. If we happen to be outside the snow will freely fall upon us. Like the snow, God’s grace is free, and covers those who will place themselves in the path of His amazing grace. Snow will fall upon whosoever comes under its covering, as well; the grace of our Lord will cover the “whosoever’s” who come under grace’s influence. Like a snow covered field, has His grace covered you and me? He invites us to come under His cover that He might transform our lives into one that reflects His beauty. As the Psalmist prayed, “May the beauty of the Lord be upon us” (Ps. 90:17).

Yes, there are many treasured truths found in a beautiful snowfall. How wondrous are the Lord’s creation and His glorious works? Just as the Lord rains down upon us so many blessings into our daily lives, let us enjoy the seasons of the year and the blessings and surprises that come with each.


Dr. Dan

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