The Colorful Col. Martin Van Mabe

A  new 200 page book by Dr. Daniel Merritt you might be interested in has just been released. It is on the life of Col Martin Van Mabe.If you would like a copy they are $15, which includes postage and handling. Just send your address to his email address at and a copy will be sent your way.  Thanks
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“Bitter Tongues, Buried Treasures” is the true story of the fascinating  and colorful life of Colonel Martin Van Mabe.  Born in Stokes County, North Carolina in 1838, Mabe’s grandfather was a Revolutionary War veteran and his grandmother of Cherokee descent. Entering the Civil War he fought bravely on the battlefield and with courage endured being a POW in a Union prison camp. Returning to Stokes County after the war, he became one of the most successful and prosperous businessmen in the county. His influence was felt statewide. He became a United States Commissioner. Never marrying, he hired his first cousin, Nancy Jane Mabe, to be his housekeeper. Neighbors and kinsman became jealous of his success and spread vicious rumors that Martin and Nancy Jane were “living in sin.” They even had to go to court to prove the charges false. Nancy Jane vowed that none of her neighbors and relatives would at her death inherit any of her possessions. What she chose to do to keep that from taking place the reader will find most intriguing.

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