WonderofXmasChristmas has different meanings to different people. Some attempt to celebrate the season without any reference to Christ at all, for most He is the reason for the season. You can count me among those in the latter crowd. To celebrate the Christmas season without Christ as the honored guest is like celebrating a birthday for someone who isn’t even there!

I wish there were words that would allow me to describe to you how wondrous Jesus is to me. I wish this Christmas season it was possible for me to paint a picture on the canvas of your soul of the wonder of Christ. Words fail me in my attempt to describe the indescribable Christ, but I will seek to try.

Jesus is wondrous to me because…

In my sin He is the Forgiver of all my transgressions.

In my unrighteousness He is my Perfect Righteousness.

In my utter lostness He is my Savior.

In my separation from the Creator He is my Mediator and Advocate.

In my unlovableness He is the Lover of my soul.

In my rebellion He became my Lord.

In my spiritual poverty He is the Richness of my life.

In my cloudy days He is my Shining Sun.

In my failure He is my Restorer.

In my vulnerability He is my Strong Tower.

In my choices He is my King.

In my barrenness He is my Fruitful One.

In my lack He is my Fullness.

In my wandering He is my Good Shepherd.

In my thirst He is my Water of Life.

In my search for truth He is the Eternal Truth.

In my sorrow He is my Comforter.

In my sadness He is my Joyous Song.

In my fears He is my Prince of Peace.

In my indecision He is my Counselor.

In my life’s detours He is my Unchanging Road.

In my regrets He is my New Beginning.

In my perplexity He is my Wisdom.

In my inability He is my Enabler.

In my burdens He is my Burden Bearer.

In my defeats He is my Conquering Hero.

In my darkest night He is my Guiding Light.

In my insufficiency He is my Sufficiency.

In my loneliness He is my Immanuel, God’s presence with me.

In my discouragement He is my Encourager.

In my questions He is my Answer.

In my deserts He is my Oasis.

In my betrayals He is my Dearest Friend.

In my distractions He is my Focus.

In my entanglements He is my Emancipator.

In my fiery trials He is my Refiner.

In my temptations He is my Escape.

In my interruptions He is my Appointment.

In my disappointments He is my Promise.

In my tears He is my Understanding One.

In my discontent He is my Satisfaction.

In my dead ends He is my Door.

In my unutterable groanings He is my Intercessor.

In my quietness He is my Word.

In my distress He is my soul’s Calm.

In my confusion He is my Certainty.

In my chaos He is my Order.

In my soul’s hunger for answers He is my satisfying Bread of Life.

In my weakness He is my Strength.

In my sickness He is my Great Physician.

In my hopelessness He is my Living Hope.

In my fleeting days He is my Ancient of Days.

In the face of death He is my Resurrection and my Eternal Life.

Jesus is all that to me and more. O, the wonder of Christ(mas). I just wish this Christmas there was some way I could express to you how wondrous Jesus is. Paul was correct when he wrote, “Thanks be to God for His unspeakable, indescribable, amazing, and wondrous gift of Jesus Christ” (2 Corinthians 9:15)

Merry Christ(mas),

Dr. Dan

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