For some time I have had more than a few people encourage me to pen my thoughts regarding my views on Calvinism. I have never really cared for appearing to attack someone else’s biblical views unless they are blatantly in error. While I am not a Calvinist and while I do feel when it comes to interpreting the nature of God and the scope of Christ’s atoning work on the cross Calvinism is biblically flawed,  I do, however,  like its emphases on the truth that salvation is by the grace of the Lord and not Calvinism-copyby man’s works lest anyone should boast (Ephesians 2:8-9). Yet I do believe that Calvinism actually limits God’s grace and whose brush strokes on the canvas of divine revelation paints an incomplete, if not an inaccurate, picture in regard to the biblical nature of God and His grace as found in the Christ of the cross.

Is God’s grace limited? Does God elect certain persons to salvation while others are purposely rejected and condemned to eternal judgment? Does a person have a choice in the matter of salvation or is one’s eternal acceptance by God or eternal rejection by God predetermined before their birth irrespective of one’s foreseen faith or lack of faith?

Questions related to Calvinism are most relevant questions and demand thoughtful, prayerful and biblical answers, as its teachings has for several years now been one of the most controversial topics in Southern Baptist circles. Calvinism can create much tension and debate among those seeking to understand its theological perspective in regard to salvation. I have never been a proponent of Calvinism as I believe its teachings are inconsistent biblically and woefully flawed.

Why I am not a Calvinist and “My Objections to Calvinism” can be found by clicking on the following link which is in pdf file   MyObjectionsToCalvinism

It may take some time to read “My Objections to Calvinism” and longer to digest it all. The reader may agree or disagree with what I have written. There are good men on both sides of this issue. But I can assure you what I have written was done so only after much study and prayer. Whether you agree or disagree I pray it will prove to be food for thought, each reader giving prayerful consideration to the thoughts presented. And, as always, when approaching a subject of this magnitude, “Come, let us reason together” (Isaiah 1:18). No matter where you stand of this issue, let us continue to look to the Christ of the Cross who has provided salvation if we but embrace His finished work.


Dr. Dan

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